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Inspiration Junkie Stories
Walter's Wagon
walter bw
CENTRAL CITY, Ky. (2/15/15) Muhlenberg County native Walter Creager passed away in 1988. But there are still many people with fond memories of the man, who never let cerebral palsy slow him down. Unable to walk, Creager's mode of transportation was his sturdy wagon. Walter made a three-mile trip from his home in Cleaton to Central City almost daily.
According to Walter’s nephew, Bobby Creager, who is now the mayor of Powderly, there is hardly a week that goes by that someone doesn't share a fond memory of Walter.  
“It seems everyone has a story about Walter,” Creager said. “He was an inspiration to everyone he came in touch with. Every morning, his family would help him get ready and he would make his trip by wagon down Highway 431 to Central City. The inspiring thing to me was that more often than not people would give him a ride to town. That says something for the people of our county. Rain or shine, Walter would make the rugged journey to Central City by pushing his wagon up and down the highway with his legs. I will tell you this. He had the strongest legs of anyone I ever knew. Nothing stopped Walter.”
Creager said that Walter would sell pencils outside Central City banks and other businesses, stop by the local barber shop to enjoy a game of checkers, and he always had a smile on his face.
walters wagon
“You would be hard pressed to find anyone who could beat Walter at a game of checkers,” Creager said. “Some people have the misconception that CP causes mental problems, but I can tell you, Walter was as sharp as a tack. He had no problem remembering at all. Some people would have trouble understanding him talk, but I knew him from when I was 4 or 5, and I could understand every word he said.”
Central City businessman Hugh Sweatt told SurfKY News that he and Walter had a fun game they would play when Sweatt worked at the First National Bank location in Central City.
Walter with relatives
“Back in the 1960s, Walter and I liked to have a daily friendly wager,” Sweatt said. “Back then the Coke bottles had the original location of where the drinks were bottled. Walter and I would bet on whose bottle came from the farthest locale. We had a Coke machine in the break room. The loser would pay for the Cokes for the next day. I suspected our maintenance man, Harry Austin, was ‘stocking’ Walter’s odds by finding a faraway bottle and loading it in a pre-arranged spot for Walter to pick the next day. Walter won those bets about 75 percent of the time. One day I loaded the machine and ran across a bottle from British Columbia. Naturally I put it in a spot where I could pull it out the next day. When I pulled that British Columbia bottle out Walter looked like someone who had struck out in the bottom of the ninth inning. I finally broke down and confessed to what I had done. We had a good hard laugh. No one could laugh like Walter. I’ve talked to Bobby Creager and one of Walter’s relatives has one of his last wagons. We have been talking about a way to display the wagon along with a memorial in honor of Walter. No one deserves to be honored more than Walter,” Sweatt said.
Paul McRee
SurfKY News
Photo 1: Walter with family (courtesy of Bobby Creager) 
Photo 2: Walter's wagon (courtesy of Bobby Creager) 
Photo 3: Walter in downtown Central City (courtesy of Theresa Creager)

Posted by highhopesmusic at 11:14 AM CST
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Crave spreads to Lousiville‏

CENTRAL CITY, Ky. (1/30/15) — Little more than a year ago, Crave Central was a dream of several young people in Central City.

The original idea was to give young people in Muhlenberg County “a party with a purpose,” according to co-founder Josh Rich.
Crave Central was created, Rich said, to provide a safe place for young people to be in an atmosphere with no drugs, no alcohol, no sexual promiscuity and an alternative to self-abuse or even suicide. In short, Crave offered none of the negative influences young people might find elsewhere.
A lot has happened in the past year. Crave The Movement has taken the word of God to Chicago and a host of other cities. The response has been more amazing than anyone ever dreamed, Rich said.
Last week, Crave Central “invaded” Louisville. And again, the results were tremendous, according to Rich.
“The Vernon Club in Louisville was nice enough to allow us to use their building as a venue,” Rich said. “We had over 300 young people, who showed up. And that was in the middle of a snow storm. There was over 4 inches of snow. We really believe there would have been a lot more in attendance if the weather had been more cooperative.”
Rich said the response from those, who did make it through the snow storm was overwhelming.
“There were a lot of tears shed,” Rich said. “There were over 50 people saved. And, I don’t think there was one person there, who did not feel the spirit of God in the room.”
Rich noted that much like with the recent Crave Chicago event, police officers were also moved by the event.
“We had Louisville Metro Police officers, who came to the event,” Rich said. “When we first arrived, they were not exactly sure what it was we were doing. They were a little hesitant of the whole idea. But by the end of the night, one officer was begging us to come back again. They were just so touched by the turnout and the whole atmosphere.”
Rich noted that the owner of The Vernon Club was also hesitant about Crave at first, Rich said.
“But by the end of the night he was asking us to come back and do another Crave Louisville at his club,” said Rich. “He was just so happy with the turnout and the atmosphere.”
The Crave Central movement shows no signs of slowing down, according to Rich.
“Our next scheduled stop is Cleveland,” he said. “That will be this summer. Our next Crave event in Central City will be coming up in March.”
Crave The Movement is a non-profit organization looking for a new, larger venue in the Central City area. The Living Word Church has donated its sanctuary for Crave events since the group’s inception.
“Anyone interested in helping financially can contact us and find out more” Rich said. “Any donations will go toward student programs, so that we can have personal time with students. We also need funds to create future Crave events as we continue to grow. Our dream is to make this a movement that takes the word of God everywhere. We've shared the word already with more young people than we ever dreamed. It’s all the work of the Holy Spirit.”
Paul McRee

Posted by highhopesmusic at 11:05 AM CST
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Mother Teresa Quote

Posted by highhopesmusic at 5:33 PM CDT
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Miracle of Music

In 2007, Wayne Morris and I started to volunteer at different non-profits in the area with our musical abilities, and one of those was Hospice of Western KY. We often went in to nursing homes; visited patients of Hospice, and offered to play music for them. During one of the first visits we made, we walked into the room of a lady who was on our list of patients to visit.

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The lady was laying on the bead with a blank stair at the wall. We humbly introduced ourselves and ask if she would like to hear some music, but there was no reply. There also happened to be a janitor in the room cleaning, and she was quick to let us know that “She has not responded to anyone or anything in weeks”. As I turned to walk out the door, Wayne said “No Randy let’s don’t leave, lets play a few songs”. I thought he was crazy, but I went along with him just the same. As we started to play Amazing Grace for our first song, the lady started to come around and started looking up at us. As we sang throughout the song, she slowly sat up in her bead and started to sing along with us. By the end of the song, she was singing every word with perfect pitch.

When we finished the song, I asked her through teary eye’s if she would like to hear more, and she said “Yes, I would love that”. We ended up playing several songs as she sang along and cried while she held my hand.

That was a moment that ROCKED my world. I really felt God using me in a great way and that I was His instrument for a moment. From that day, God started opening my eye’s to many of the needs in the world, especially right here in our own community. I felt him telling me that there are a lot of great people that could do a lot of good, but they are not getting connected to where they are needed. That’s when we started Help Someone Inc. The mission was simple: “Connect people with opportunities where they can serve”. God has given us the privilege to serve him by helping others in need and it is our hope to connect people who are willing to serve to the needs that exist.

~ Randy Lanham – Founder,


Posted by highhopesmusic at 9:16 AM CDT
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